IUPUI Open Education Award


The IUPUI Open Education Award recognizes instructors that contribute to student success by using free, open, digital materials in the classroom. Open educational resources (OERs) are any educational materials that are in the public domain or licensed for adaptation and reuse. OERs may include textbooks, chapters, online modules, assignments, audiovisual works, datasets and other digital products. 

Nominations for the Award

Nominations are now open! Please nominate using our online nomination form!

Eligible resources must:  

  • Have an open license, such as Creative Commons, GNU, Public Domain, etc.  
  • Be used in a classroom environment at IUPUI between 2016-2022 
  • Be publicly accessible  

We would like to recognize the work of instructors from a variety of IUPUI schools and departments. Please feel free to nominate more than one person or yourself. 

Winners will receive a cash award, plaque, and will be featured on the University Library website.

Past Winners

2024 - Genevieve G. Shaker & Meng-Han Ho

Professor Genevieve G. Shaker and doctoral student Meng-Han Ho have received the 2024 IUPUI Open Education Award for having co-produced and published, “Giving and Volunteering in America,” an OER to be used in 100 level Philanthropic Studies courses. The book contains 39 primary sources, exploring the unique giving and voluntary behavior of Americans. The text is used by over 125 students a year across 6 sections.  Ease of online access, high quality, topical relevance and the absence of cost to students make this OER an excellent replacement for a traditional textbook. 

2023 - Jennifer Price Mahoney

Jennifer Price Mahoney adopted two OER textbooks and used other freely available teaching materials for three separate writing courses. It is important to note that OER materials are being used in multiple courses in the Writing curriculum and that these courses impact a signi cant number of students. Ms. Mahoney has also documented the favorable reception of these materials by students, 67% of whom responded that OER readings were more helpful than materials they had used in other online courses.

2022 - Amy Powell

Powell has created and deployed a new Canvas course shell for use in First-Year Experience (FYE) courses. The shell is designed to be used by instructors everywhere and can support in-person, online, or hybrid instruction.

2021 - Lixin Wang

Dr. Wang used open resources when creating the new course Climate Change and Society (GEOL-G477), saving students from needing to purchase textbooks for the course.

2020 - Brian Dixon

Dr. Dixon uses OERs in assignment for his online courses from government websites. In PBHL-E645, students utilize a portion of the Open Learning initiative’s “Health Information and Technology Foundations,” a completely free resource.

2019 - Robin Janson

Dr. Janson used free, downloadable open source repositories of digital designs (Thingiverse) to create a proportional upper limb bone anatomical model that can be 3D printed and assembled for student use.

Posters of past nominees IUPUI Scholarworks.