Room Reservation

The IUPUI community has been singularly interested in the safe continuation of campus life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the University Library, staff have worked to create a productive environment which allows students to take advantage of our spaces and technology while also balancing public health and safety. Unfortunately, the pursuit of that balance has led library staff to make the difficult decision to cancel all reservations and close all library study rooms until in-person classes resume in spring 2021 on February 8, 2021. See our Disaster Recovery Page for more details.


Study Carrel Reservation

Room Reservation

University Library has over 35 individual and group study rooms available on Levels 2, 3, and 4.  It is the responsibility of the room users to make reservations in advance to ensure 1st priority. Please review our study room policies before booking. University Library is now offering reservations on the study carrels on the 3rd floor. Current room policies apply to the carrels.



Group Study Rooms Overview




All of the group study rooms in University Library contain both Dell PCs and Apple iMacs, and the rooms available depend upon the number of group members.  To give all students a fair opportunity, users are allowed up to 18 hours per week with 6 hours per day in incriments of 30-120 minutes per session.   Please review our study room policies before booking.


How to book group study rooms

Watch our Study Room Reservation How To Video.


If you and/or all group members are not present after 15 minutes into your reservation, the reservation may be cancelled and the room given to the next available group. 

How to book a study carrel

See our Carrel Reservation Instructions or watch the Carrel Reservation How To Video.

Study Room Policies