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How do I print from my Windows (Windows 7/Windows 8.1) laptop?

  1. First, establish a connection to the IUSECURE Wireless Network
  2. Next, download the IU Print Locator
  3. Launch and login to the IU print finder.  Click on the "Browse" tab, select Indianapolis under Campus, University Library under building, and IN-ULIB-Black-and-white-printers under Available Printer(s) (Students printing to the Honors House printers from laptops must select the same options.)
  4. Click "Add Printer"
  5. From within your application, select the "IN-ULIB-Black-and-white-printers" when printing.   Your prints can be released from any of the black-and-white print staitons throughout the building.

How do I setup the library printers manually (Windows 7/Windows 8.1) laptop?

  1. First, establish a connection to the IUSECURE Wireless Network
  2. Next, go to Start, Run (or Search programs and files), and type: \\
  3. You might see a prompt to login, if so, as the username, type: ads\(username) (example: ads\jdoe)
  4. Once you authenticate, you should see a listing of our printers and can select which is needed

How do I print from my Macintosh laptop

To print from a Macbook you will need to create a new user account on the laptop that matches your IU username.  To do this:

  1. Click on the apple icon in the top left corner, then click "System Preferences"
  2. Under system, click "Users and Groups" or in earlier OS versions just "Accounts"
  3. Click the padlock in the lower left corner and type your local password and click "Ok"
  4. Click the + sign under the account name list.   In the "Full name" field type the name you want to appear at the login screen
  5. In the "Account name" field type your IU Username, then create a password (can be a local password) then click apply
  6. Check the box for "Allow this user to administer the computer".   You will recieve a prompt stating a restart is required for the changes to take effect.  Choose Ok
  7. Close out of the system preferences windows
  8. Click anywhere on the desktop.   Click "Finder" in the top left and choose "Preferences"
  9. Check the box next to "Hard disks" to show the hard drive on the desktop.  Close the Finder window.
  10. Double-click on the Hard disk icon, then double-click the "Users" folder, and single click the "Shared" folder.   In the top left, click "File", then choose "Make Alias" to create a shortcut to the shared folder  
  11. Drag the "Shared Alias" shortcutt to the desktop. 
  12. Copy any files and save any open work that you'd like to print into this folder.   Restart the laptop
  13. At login screen, choose the newly created account and sign in
  14. Ensure you're connected to IU Secure.
  15. Download and install the print finder app from
  16. Launch and login to the IU print finder.  Click on the "Browse" tab, select Indianapolis under Campus, University Library under building, and IN-ULIB-Black-and-white-printers under Available Printer(s)"
  17. Click "Add Printer"
  18. To locate your shared files, repeat steps 9 - 11

You shoud now be able to send your files to the printer from within the application.


Double-Sided printing FAQ:

Q. Why has the University Library switched to duplex printing as the default setting?
A. Based on the large amount of positive feedback we recieved for 2-sided printing during spring of 2012, University Library will continue to use 2-sided printing as the default setting. This change is estimated to save 1.2 million sheets of paper per year.

Q. Can I still print Single Sided?
A. Yes, the option to print single-sided is available from the standard print menu.  Instructions are posted at each print release station.

Q. When did this change occur?
A. The change began on Jan 2nd, 2013.

Q. Do I save money by Duplex printing?
A. Although printing on both sides does save paper, paper is the least expensive component of printing.   The cost of a sheet of paper is $.0056.  The Print Release System charges based on simplex pages. The front and back of one sheet of paper is viewed as two separate simplex pages.  Therefore, the cost to print is the same.   However, money can be saved if you choose to print multiple pages per sheet (very popular with PowerPoint Slides). Duplex printing was enabled to be environmentally friendly and save resources. 


When you print from a library computer workstation, you will be given a choice of "queues" from the standard pop-up printer window. 

Black and white (default) \\IN-ULIB-stang-Black-and-white-printers (This is the default for all printing and costs IUPUI Graduate Students $0.04 per page and Non-Affiliates $0.07 per page.)

Color \\IN-ULIB-stang-COLOR Printer (This is to be used for standard color copies and is $1.00 per page)

After you click "OK" for your print job, proceed to the closest print release station. Login using your campus Network ID and password(just like campus email) and be prompted to swipe your JagTag (or Printer-Copier Card). You will then be able to view a screen of your pending print job(s) and the option to continue to print or cancel. (Unprinted documents that have not been cancelled will remain in the system for 24 hours before being automatically deleted.)

The screen will display any cost for each print job and the bottom of the screen will show the remaining balance on your card.

Summer print allotment

Q - "How many prints do I recieve during the summer if I'm taking classes?"

A - Students recieve 650 free pages during the summer

Q -  “I’m an IU-Bloomington student, but I’m taking a class at IUPUI for the summer. How can I print?”

 A - Any student enrolled in classes at IUPUI will need to visit the Jagtag office located in the Campus Center to have their card created to access their free print allotment.



  • If the student is using Windows 7/8.1 and cannot connect to the IN-ULIB-STANG print drivers (either manually or via Print Locator), even though the printer is listed in Devices and Printers, do the following
    • Go to Start, type in "Devices and Printers"
    • Right click on "Black-and-white-printers on in-ulib-newdon and select "Remove Device"
    • Next, go to Start, type:  printui /s /t2 and the Print Server Properties should appear.
    • Select the HP Universal Printing PCL6 driver and Remove and OK
    • Once completed, relaunch Print Locator and reinstall Library Printer.

To Print in Color

  1. Go to the System Preferences and then the Print & Scanners
  2. Click on the Add (+) button, then Add Printers and Scanners
  3. Click on the IP tab at the top of the window (Leave the Protocol Type as: LPD)
  4. In the Printer Address field, type:
  5. In the Queue Name, type IN-ULIB-COLOR
  6. Next to Name, type in "UL Color Printing"
  7. Next to Location, leave this blank
  8. Next to "Print Using:", choose "Select Printer Software..." Type in select HP Laserjet 4700 print driver and select that driver.
  9. Click OK,and print your color job.
  10. Now, go to either the 2nd floor or 4th floor color printers to release the job.

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  • Before printing, go to the toolbar and select "Print Preview" using the File pulldown menu or the Print Preview icon. At the bottom of the window, it will identify how many pages in your document (e.g. 1/3 means you're viewing page one of three pages). Print only the pages you need. You can set the print job to print all or selected pages within a document. If you need assistance, please ask a Computer Consultant (4th level by the elevators) or at the Reference Desk.

    Always check for blank pages at the end of your document.

  • Save the file to a removable drive, Resources under My WorkSpace in Oncourse CL, or email it to yourself. You can read it later and decide whether or not you really need to print it.
  • What are examples of a removable drive?
    • 3 ½ In. Floppy Disk
    • Flash(Jump) USB Drive
    • Also save files to a CD ROM disk by burning it to the CD ROM. (Ask a Computer Consultant for help with this.)
    • Compact Flash (CF) or Secure Digital (SD) cards
  • PowerPoint slides don't have to be printed one slide per page. In PowerPoint 2007, go to the Office Button (top left hand corner) and select Print. In the lower left hand corner of the printer window under "Print what," change the pull-down menu to Handouts. Adjust the number of slides per page anyone from 1 to 9 slides per page (6 is the default).
  • When printing a PDF file, always remember to click the Print icon next to “Save a Copy” instead of going to File and then Print. If you go to File and then Print, this will only print off frames and will not print off your document.
  • Click Here: For more information on file storage options at IU and IUPUI

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Can I bring my own paper?

No. Changing paper quality levels and types is hard on the printers, resulting in higher printer maintenance costs and there is no good way for the library to charge users with their own paper.

On the 4 th floor (to your left as you exit the elevator) is a printer designated for Custom Paper. The only custom paper allowed is résumé laser jet paper and colored laser jet paper. The sheets of paper must be no larger than 8 ½" x 11".

Can I print if I'm using a 64-Bit Operating System?

Yes, you can.

Once I print to a Print Release Station, how long does my print job remain in the queue?

The print job will remain in the queue for 48 hours. After 48 hours, if the job has not been released, it will automatically be deleted.

Duplex Printing

Is Duplex printing available in University Library?

Yes, Duplex printing is available on both the Windows and Macintosh computers and can be released from any print station.

How do I print single-sided (simplex)?

On a Windows Computer:

1. Click: File -> Print -> Preferences (Print Properties) -> Factory Defaults

On a Macintosh Computer:

1. Click: File-> Print -> Copies & Pages -> Layout" and choose "off" under "two-sided" 

If you want to print multiple pages per simplex page,

From the Safari drop down (just below Orientation) and choose Layout

  • Select the number of pages you want per side.

2. Press Print

Can I save money by Duplex printing?


No. The Print Release System charges based on simplex pages. The front and back of one sheet of paper is viewed as two separate simplex pages. However, money can be saved if you choose to print multiple pages onto one simplex page(very popular with PowerPoint Slides). Duplex printing was enabled to be environmentally friendly.

Does Color or Photo Printing apply to the Print Quota System for Undergraduate IUPUI Students?

No. Students will still need to pay $1.00 per page. The charge will be deducted from the actual balance located on the JAGTAG or Print Copier Card.

Will my Bloomington Card work on a University Library Print Station?

Bloomington cards will not work with the IUPUI Print Management System. Persons affiliated with IUPUI can apply for a campus JagTag or purchase a UL Printer-Copier Card.  

How am I charged if I am an IU-Bloomington or other IU Campus Affliliate?

You must purchase a Print Copier Card for $2.00 (includes $1.00 worth of printing). Once there is money on the card, you may swipe the Print Copier Card at any University Library Print Release Station to release your print jobs. There will be an automatic deduction from your card of 4 cents per page.

What options do I have for adding money to my Jagtag?

For a full list of options on adding funds to your Jagtag, please see: 

I'm an Undergraduate IUPUI Student, I forgot my JAGTAG or I don't have one, and must print today, would my Print Quota still apply if I buy a Print Copier Card?

If you are an Undergraduate IUPUI Student using a Print Copier Card, you will be charged 4 cents per page for all black-and-white print outs. The Print Quota system only applies to Undergraduate IUPUI Students with their JAGTAG. You may purchase a University Library Printer-Copier Card at the Circulation Desk for $2.00. You can use this card to release your print jobs at any University Library Print Release Station. There is $1 worth of printing available on the card upon purchase and you may add additional funds to the card at any DART machine.

I don't have a JagTag, where can I get one?

The Main Office of Campus JagTag Services is located in the Campus Center, Suite 217. For more information, visit:

What is the procedure for refunds?

Most errors can be reprinted at the Reference and Consultant Desks on 2nd Level, the Consultant Desk on 4th Level, Herron School of Art and Design, and in Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives on the Lower Level. Our misprints policy states that if any error is caused by printer error or equipment malfunction, we will reprint. We will not reimburse any costs associated with printing using the Print Quota System.

For more information on campus printing policies Please Click Here

Troubleshooting laptop printer connections:

If you recieve an error while installing the Black and White printers using the Print Finder application, check for previous printer connections to IN-ULIB-Baker or IN-ULIB-Stang.  If any exist, delete the previous print connections from "Devices and Printers".    After deleting the old printer(s), remove the driver package via Print Management (found under Administrative Tools on Windows 7 or by right clicking a blank area in Devices and printers and selecting Server Properties if on Vista).   Then re-launch the Print Finder and choose the Black and White printers in the University Library building.

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