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Corbis Images

The Community Project served as a gateway for specific images purchased from the Corbis Images Database for educational use by project participants. Below are the terms of use for the available images.

Access Corbis Images Index (No longer available via website)

Electronic Resources Terms of Use for IUPUI-IMA Community Project Designated Users

Not Allowed
Electronic Resources' images/text may be accessed and used for classroom instruction and related activities including handouts, presentations, research and student assignments. Electronic Resources' images/text may not be used for any purpose other than education, research or scholarship.
Electronic Resources' images/text may be used in a public display or performance on the IUPUI campus or as part of a professional presentation at a conference, seminar, workshop or other professional activity.  Electronic Resources' images/text may not be used for any business or commercially related purpose whatsoever.
Electronic Resources' images/text may be used for student or faculty portfolios, term papers, theses, and dissertations with proper copyright information clearly indicated. An adapted digital image/text may not be reproduced, distributed, re-distributed, or published outside of IUPUI. 
A digital image/text may be adapted, altered, added to, deleted from, manipulated or modified if done exclusively for educational, research, or scholarship purposes. You must clearly identify all changes made to a digital image/text and include an appropriate citation or direct link to the unadapted work. An Electronic Resources image/text may not be used for University fund-raising, marketing, promotion, or public relations