Mukden Medical College, Small river bank;Manchuria Medical College

Province: Manzhou
Alternate Names: 遼寧醫學專門學校;南滿醫學堂(1911-1922)奉天滿洲醫科大學(1922-1946)瀋陽醫學院(1946-1949)中國醫科大學(1949)
City(preferred name): Moukden
City: Mukden
Sponsoring Organizations: 日本国南满铁道株式会社 South Manchuria Railways Co.
Year: 1911

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Medical Faculty: Full time, 27; part time4*
Laboratory: 10 for stduents' use, each 20 capacity*
Library: 11,816 volumes*
Medium of Instruction: Chinese*; Japanese
General of Special Equipment: Water from a deep well; city electricity*
Students: 91*
Graduate Students: 193*
Budget: $350,202

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