Cheloo University of Medicine

Province: Shandong
Alternate Names: 齊魯大學醫學院(1911-1952)山東醫學院(1952-1985)山東醫科大學(1985-2000)山東大學醫學院(2000)
City(preferred name): Jinan
City: Tsinan
Sponsoring Organizations: English Baptist Mission and American Presbyterian Mission
Year: 1909

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Medical Faculty: Full time, 36; part time 0 *
Laboratory: 8, with capacity for 30 students, 2 smaller for staff use *
Library: 1830 books, 50 medical journals*
Medium of Instruction: Chinese*
General of Special Equipment: Water, electricity, and X-Ray*
Students: 106*
Graduate Students: 246*
Budget: $162,000. Contributing missions, Rockefeller Foundation and local receipts*

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