St.John's University, the College of Medicine;Pennsyvania Medical College

Province: Shanghai Shi (municipality)
Alternate Names: 奔雪尼亞裔學校;圣約翰大學醫學院;上海聖約翰大學醫學院,震旦大學醫學院及同德醫學院合併為上海第二醫學院(1952-1985);上海第二醫科大學(1985-2005);上海交通大學醫學院(2005)
City(preferred name): Shanghai
City: Shanghai
Sponsoring Organizations: Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church
Year: 1880

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Medical Faculty: full time 7; part time, 20*
Laboratory: four laboratories, each with capactiy for 30*
Library: 1860 vollumes. 44 medical journals*
Medium of Instruction: English*
Students: 53*
Graduate Students: 113*
Budget: M.$51,000 tuition and appropriation from Mission Board*

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