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Ted Polley, MLIS
Journal publishing
At the close of OA week, I want to mention a new open repository specifically dedicated to the social sciences, SocArXiv, which launched this past July. This project comes from a partnership between the Center for Open Science and the University of Maryland, who call attention to the need for a pre-print repository in the social sciences by...
Johnson, Jennifer Ann
The Center for Digital Scholarship provides several services that are not only available to university faculty, staff and students but also to Indianapolis community and cultural heritage institutions. Our latest venture is the exploration of 3D digitization and how to make these collections openly available in an online environment. We have been...
Bronwen K. Maxson
University Library
In September, Caitlin Pike and I attended the 3rd Annual Conference on Arts & Humanities (ICOAH) where we spoke about IUPUI’s Open Access (OA) Policy. The conference is organized by The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM), which is based in Sri Lanka, and its academic partners included Concordia University, Montréal,...
Andy Smith
Digital Scholarship Technologies
The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF – pronounced “triple-I-F”) has as one of its primary goals to provide scholars and researchers open access to the ever growing collection of digital image repositories around the world.Why? For the most part, today's image repositories are like silos storing images as corn in the corn bin....

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