ResearchGate is Hiding Open Access Articles

Last year I wrote a post comparing ResearchGate with our institutional repository for generating downloads of openly shared manuscripts. In short, the repository beat ResearchGate by 84% in download counts for the works that I have shared on both sites. If I want people to find and read my articles, I’m not wasting my time with ResearchGate.

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Make Your Work Count: Open Lab

Researchers, instructors, post-docs, graduate students, and staff - Do you need help managing your online identity? Do you want help sharing your scholarly products and making them more visible? Are you trying to engage the audiences for your scholarship online? Do you want help gathering evidence to demonstrate the impact and value of your work?

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Employment Opportunity-3D Digitization Project Coordinator

IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship

3D Digitization Project Coordinator

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Spaces Renovation

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Where did the books go?

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Juvenile Section

Where did the juvenile books go?

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Third Floor

Find out what is happening on the Third Floor.

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