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February 23, 2002. On this day, the IUPUI Student Foundation hosted the inaugural Jagathon, a dance marathon, to raise money for Riley Hospital for Children on the IUPUI campus. Starting at 3pm on Saturday, February 22, IUPUI students danced 18 hours through the afternoon, night, and into the morning of Sunday, February 24. The event took place in the... Read More
February 22, 1985. On this day, the IUPUI University Theatre hosted a symposium focused on the works of African-American playwright Lorraine Hansberry. The symposium coincided with the opening of the IUPUI theater company's production of Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun, which appeared that evening in IUPUI's Mary Cable Building.Hansberry (1930-1965)... Read More
February 21, 1978. On this day, artist Robert Indiana (1928-2018) paid a quick visit to IUPUI's Herron School of Art, then located at 16th and Pennsylvania Streets on Indianapolis's near-northside. It was one of several visits that the prominent artist made to Herron through the years. A native of New Castle, Indiana, Robert Clark moved to Indianapolis... Read More
IUPUI Photo of the Week. Last week we showed you a photo of Jinx, the first Jaguar mascot for IUPUI introduced in 1998. Prior to the Jaguars era, IUPUI sports teams were called the Metros. Some students didn't appreciate the moniker, as the city's bus system went by "Metro." In 1989, students held a mascot-naming contest. This week's photo shows one... Read More
February 20, 1999. On this day, Jinx the Jaguar made his appearance at an IUPUI Homecoming. The day featured a doubleheader of women's and men's basketball games against Valparaiso University teams. The lovable IUPUI mascot, introduced not long before as IUPUI moved up to National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Division I, cavorted with alums... Read More
February 19, 1996. On this day, Campuscape, the IUPUI campuswide monthly newsletter, reported that the Indiana University Board of Trustees had approved the construction of a two-story clinical research facility on top of the four-story University Hospital Outpatient Center. The facility would be used by pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and Company. The... Read More
February 18, 1971. On this day the IUPUI Department of Physics commenced a filmed lecture series shown weekly in the Krannert Building on IUPUI's 38th Street Campus. The films were of Professor Richard P. Feynman, a theoretical physicist at Caltech and the 1965 winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, lecturing on general physics. The first lecture was on... Read More
February 17, 1969. On this day, WFBM television and radio stations ran an editorial in support of the creation of a state board of regents to control the running of public universities in Indiana. The idea had been raised in Mayor Richard G. Lugar's December 14, 1968 televised speech calling for an independent state university in Indianapolis. In the... Read More
February 16, 1983. On this day, Herron School of Art professor emeritus David K. Rubins was honored at the Indiana Arts Awards ceremonies held in the Indiana State House rotunda. Rubins was honored for his extraordinary contributions to the arts in Indiana and the nation. A reporter for the Sagamore, the student newspaper of IUPUI, was on hand and... Read More
February 15, 1985. On this day, the Progressive Student Union of IUPUI held a dance to assist hunger relief in famine-stricken Ethiopia. The dance was held in an off-campus hall. The organization sold tickets for the event, proceeds of which were to be donated to organizations experienced in hunger-relief efforts. Many groups and individuals pitched in... Read More

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