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November 16, 1983. On this day, Virginia Dill McCarty, Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis graduate of 1950, announced her candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination for governor of Indiana. At her announcement, she told assembled reporters that her platform could be summarized in four words: "equal justice under law."McCarty was a... Read More
November 15, 1973. On this day, IUPUI chancellor Glenn W. Irwin, Jr., announced a Program for Energy Conservation and Economic Awareness for the IUPUI campus. The program would encourage IUPUI employees and students to be less profligate in their energy consumption. The program involved reducing building temperatures to 68 degrees during winter months... Read More
IUPUI Photo of the Week for November 11-17. Morning radio team Bob and Tom on the local Q95 radio station (WFBQ) were wildly popular on the IUPUI campus. Sometimes, the crew broadcast live remotely from exotic locations. In November 1987, Bob and Tom broadcast from the IUPUI food court located in the University Place Hotel, where the cafeteria is in... Read More
November 14, 2014. On this day, former United States senator Richard G. Lugar was the main speaker at the L. Keith Bulen Symposium on American Politics. Sen. Lugar spoke on the then just-completed midterm congressional elections and their impact on United States politics and government. In January 2013, Lugar had stepped down from serving in the U.S.... Read More
November 13, 1982. On this day, the IUPUI Student Activities Board and Universitarios Hispanos co-sponsored the second annual Noche Latina event, celebrating all things Latino/Latina. The festivities took place in the Union Building cafeteria, which for years was the scene of music, dancing, and merriment on the IUPUI campus. the event was open to the... Read More
November 12, 1972. On this day, The IUPUI Green Sheet, the weekly campus newsletter, announced IUPUI chancellor Maynard K. Hine would establish an affirmative action office for the campus. The office was necessary "to implement at IUPUI the provisions and requirements of national and state legislation and administrative orders, as well as all-Indiana... Read More
November 11, 1983.On this day, the IUPUI University Theater opened its run of performances of The Runner Stumbles, a play by Milan Stitt focused on the murder of a Catholic nun in northern Michigan in 1911. The production was housed in the Mary Cable Building on Blackford Street, a former public school building that IUPUI bought for classroom space and... Read More
November 10, 1978. On this day, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) hosted a speech by Dwight Ink, then executive director of the Personnel Management Project in the administration of President Jimmy Carter. Ink spoke on the need for proper qualifications and credentials in public service. Long active in civil service reform, Ink was... Read More
November 9, 1982. On this day, city dignitaries dedicated a 33-foot-tall stainless-steel sculpture, "Totem," in the White River State Park. The ten-thousand-pound art work was fabricated locally by the firm, Mitchum-Schaefer, Inc.The artist who created the sculpture was Rinaldo Paluzzi (1927-2013). Born in Pennsylvania, after service in the United... Read More
November 8, 1973. On this day, a group of 25 IUPUI students met to organize a group to address the needs of military veterans on campus. They noted that at the time there were about two thousand veterans in the student body. Students present wished to encourage fellow veterans to exercise their G.I. Bill education benefits. Once organized, the group... Read More

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