Miriam Langsam, Ph.D. 

 Associate Dean for Student Affairs, School of Liberal Arts, 1986-2003

Professor of History, 1964-2003 


Miriam Langsam, Ph.D. joined the department of history at the IU Indianapolis extension campus in 1964 and became one of the founding members of the IUPUI department of history in 1969.  In 1986, Langsam was promoted to Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the School of Liberal Arts.

As Associate Dean, Langsam built a reputation as an outstanding administrator.  She spent considerable time helping to improve student life at IUPUI.  Langsam instituted changes to unify the system of grade changes, helped establish services for disabled students, and helped the student council gain greater control over allocations of student activity fee money.  She also spent considerable time serving on campus development committees.  Historian Ralph Gray noted in his history of IUPUI that Langsam served on more committees than anyone else at IUPUI.

Langsam was particularly interested in women's issues on campus and in the 1970s worked with several members of the faculty to found IUPUI's Women's Studies Program.  The program started as an enrichment and support group for female faculty and students and developed into a program of study within the School of Liberal Arts.  Langsam also created, and for many years directed, the School of Liberal Arts Honors Program.  Langsam retired in 2003.


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