Burdellis Carter, Ed.D.

 Professor of Nursing Emeritus 

Assistant Dean of Student Services, School of Nursing, 1970s 

Associate Dean of Student Affairs, IUPUI, 1980-c.1986-7 

Director of International Student Services, 1984-1988

Director of Personnel, School of Nursing, 1989-1996 

Burdellis Carter, Ed.D. spent her career at IUPUI helping students.  She came to IUPUI in 1965 to join the faculty of the School of Nursing and quickly became active in committee work, both within the School of Nursing and campus-wide.  Carter spent 3 years as secretary of the School of Nursing Graduate Council and 4 years as its Chairman.  During the 1970s, she took her first administrative position as Assistant to the Dean of the School of Nursing, and later became the school's Assistant Dean of Student Services.

In 1980, Carter became Associate Dean of Student Affairs for the entire IUPUI campus.  She took over efforts to develop the newly begun "Introduction to College Life" program.  Carter spent considerable time talking to students about their needs and building programs to meet those needs.  She also served on campus-wide committees that were involved in decision making about IUPUI students.  Carter served as the only faculty member on the University-wide committee that developed IU's first computerized student records system.  She also served on the IUPUI committee that developed the computerized registration system.  In 1984, Carter became Director of International Student Services at IUPUI, translating the experience she had developed as Associate Dean to her new role helping international students.  In 1989, she returned to the School of Nursing, where she served as Director of Personnel until her retirement in 1996.

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