Sheila Kennedy, J.D. 

Director, IU Center for Civic Literacy

Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs

Professor of Philanthropic Studies

Adjunct Professor of Political Science 


Shelia Suess Kennedy, J.D. is a professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and holds appointments as a professor of philanthropic studies and an adjunct professor of political science.  She is also the director of the IU Center for Civic Literacy, a multi-disciplinary center established to examine Americans' lack of civic knowledge.

Her research interests focus on politics and civil rights, and she has written a large array of books and articles on these subjects.  Suess Kennedy is a research fellow at the Center for Religion and American Culture Research at IUPUI.  She is also a faculty fellow at IUPUI's Tobias Center for Leadership and the Center for Urban Policy and Environment.

Suess Kennedy is formerly the Executive Director of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, and remains active in politics and civil rights organizations.  She serves on the Indiana Advisory Committees of the US Committee on Civil Rights and the Women's Policy Research Committee.  She also continues to volunteer with the Indiana Civil Liberties Union.  Suess Kennedy is a long-time contributor to the Indianapolis Star, writing a column about politics.  She has won numerous awards for her achievements, including a 2008 Outstanding Alumni of the Year award from the IU School of Law - Indianapolis.



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