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For research appointments or to schedule instruction, please contact the subject librarian for the department with which your INTL I100 or I400 faculty is affiliated.

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Managing Your Research Data

Tips & tools to help you manage your research data with less stress Data are valuable! Funding agencies, institutions, and our colleagues need us to take care of the data we produce throughout our research. This guide will cover the basics of good data practices. Home Data Services Librarian What is research data management (RDM)?

Research data management includes the activities performed while handling data generated or gathered as part of a research project.

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ENG W270: Argumentative Writing

Welcome - Start Here Subject Guide Welcome!

Welcome to the English W270 Course Guide. This guide is designed to take you through the research process and help you further develop your skills to meet the goals of your course. Feel free to contact me, your librarian, or your course instructor at any time for help. My contact information is in the box on the left (or at the top of the page, if you're on a mobile device).

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I202 Social Informatics

This guide is intended to support the coursework and research of the students enrolled in INFO-I 202 Social Informatics during the 2016-2017 academic year. 1. Home Subject Librarian Who Should Use This Guide?

University Library

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ENG W509: Introduction to Writing and Literacy Studies

This guide was created in connection with a library instruction session in fall 2015. Please contact the librarian if you have questions. Welcome Subject Guide Other Useful Guides English Subject Guide Literature Review - A Self-Guided Tutorial A self-guided tutorial that walks you through the process of conducting a Literature Review. Mendeley - Citation Management Software (UL How-To Guide) Suggest a Purchase

Can't find a title in IUCAT? Know of a great resource University Library should own?

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ENG W230: Writing in the Sciences

This is a course guide for all sections of English W230. Welcome! Start here. Welcome to W230: Writing for the Sciences

Welcome! This guide is designed to help you with the research process for English W230: Writing in the Sciences. Although your instructor is your primary contact for your course, I invite you to contact me for questions related to research, the library resources, or choosing a topic. My name is Bronwen and my contact information is on the left.

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Finding Data and Statistics

tools & strategies to help you find data & statistics Home Welcome

This is a guide for locating Data and Statistical information. We use the term data to describe numeric, textual, photographic, audio, visual formats that have been produced as a result of or to support research. This includes lots of things, but many of the databases and repositories have a specific focus on a type of data (numeric, textual, etc.) or a topic (e.g., demographics, economics, genomics, etc.).

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BUS X103 / X203

Research information for X103. Home Contact Us
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Start Your Research - A Self-Guided Tutorial

A tutorial to take you through the research process. Begin Research Copyright

Creative Commons License

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