Anna Liss Jacobsen

Health Sciences Librarian
Subjects: Medical Humanities , Music Therapy , Nursing , Physician Assistant Program
Team: Educational Services
Office: 2140C
Phone: (317) 278-3525

Anna Liss Jacobsen (she/her) is a health sciences librarian at Indiana University Libraries. She primarily serves students, faculty, researchers, clinicians and staff in the school of nursing, music therapy, and medical humanities and health studies program. Anna Liss supports stakeholders' evidence-based decision-making, research, instruction and coursework resource and information needs.

  • Developing answerable research questions
  • Effectively searching, accessing, managing and using resources
  • Critically evaluating resources and information for quality
  • Conducting evidence syntheses, including systematic reviews
  • and more

Anna Liss has Master’s degrees in Library Science and Clinical Psychology. Her research interests broadly focus on instruction.