Tech Issues

Why can't I access Library Resources on the VPN?

The VPN is not for accessing library resources, because most library resources are not hosted on IU servers. If the library resource is linked to a vendor-hosted website, logging into the VPN will not authenticate you to that website as belonging to IUPUI - the vendor website is looking for a campus IP address or the IP address of our proxy server.

Previously, if an off-campus user was logged into the VPN, all library resources would recognize them as being on campus and they would get access to all resources.  This has changed with an alteration to VPN configuration; off-campus access to library resources is now only possible if the user is employing resources through links from the IUPUI University Library website, which pushes them through the proxy server.

For a possible alternative solution, please go to the bookmarklet page.

Links to journals not showing from IUCAT

There has been an issue with the links to journals not showing from a search in the IUCAT catalog - after clicking on the appropriate campus, the dates of available issues appear on the next screen, but without URL links to the issues.

If this happens, try clearing the browser cache and then trying again. Alternatively, you can search from the "Journals" tab, rather than the "IUCAT" tab.

IP address blocked by eJournal platforms - Zotero feedback loop

Several eJournal publishers on the Atypon platform are reporting blocking IP addresses of individual users after noting a feedback loop inadvertently created by users who have the the Zotero browse extension installed and configured with IUPUI's EZproxy information for off campus access.

This affects, among others, publisher platforms for Wiley Online Library, Taylor & Francis Online, and Annual Reviews. The complete list of Atypon clients is available online: Click here for full list.

If your IP address has been blocked by a journal site, find your ipv4 address by visiting and send this information, along with the journal site you were trying to access, using the following form:

In the meantime, we have one workaround solution, if you are using a mobile device:

  1. If you have the Zotero browser extension installed, you should either disable it or completely remove the proxy configuration. (Note: just unchecking the proxy box is not sufficient).
  2. Once Zotero is disabled, if you are using a mobile device (laptop, etc.) you can switch to the IU Guest network and restart the browser session. You will be assigned a different, unblocked IP address.

Exporting from Elsevier databases (such as Embase)

Effective July 1, Embase and other Elsevier databases have begun requiring an Elsevier login in order to export searches. 

If you already have a ClinicalKey or Scopus login, you can use that login in Embase.  If you don’t, you can create a free Elsevier account by going to Mendeley and clicking on “Create Account.” 

Once you have created this account, it will work for Embase and other Elsevier products.

Accessing D&B Hoovers, Kanopy, DUO authentication

There has been an issue at times with accessing D&B Hoovers, Kanopy, and other systems. Specifically, if people had set their DUO authentication to remember them for seven days, and try to access one of these systems, they may find they cannot gain access to the database in question.

If and when this occurs, we recommend as a best solution to OPEN AN INCOGNITO WINDOW and access the database in that way. This will force the person to reauthenticate in DUO at the time of access and solve the problem.

BNA Tax and Accounting access problem

There is an ongoing issue connecting off-campus to BNA Tax and Accounting. This does not affect anyone trying to connect from a physical on-campus computer, but access through VPN or IUAnywhere is NOT possible.

Anyone trying to connect from off campus will have to have registered beforehand for a half-year pass (renewable in December and June). THIS REGISTRATION CAN ONLY BE MADE FROM AN ON-CAMPUS CONNECTED COMPUTER.

The URL for on-campus self-registration is >

Here is a screenshot of the registration screen. READ BELOW THIS SCREENSHOT FOR IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS:



Be aware of the following:

  • All fields must be filled out
  • The email address must be given in the domain If a patron has an email as, input it as, and the email confirmation should still route to them. BE SURE THE PATRON KNOWS that their login ID will be, regardless of their actual email domain.
  • The patron will receive an email with a link to follow to sign in. Instead of signing in, they should choose the “forgot my password” option and give their LOGIN address … (NOT their email address, if their email address is not This will email them a link to reset their password, and they can then login to BNA.
  • This login is only valid for the half-year, ending in either December or June.

OneSearch access issues

Some searches in OneSearch are resulting in links to resources that do not give access.  If this occurs, please try searching for it in IUCAT.