Library Priorities

Vision, Mission, & Values

University Library uses our vision, mission, and values to guide our decision making, set goals for the library, and affirm the mission of Indiana University and the IUPUI campus.

Strategic Priorities

Our strategic priorities identify the goals and performance indicators we use in pursuing our vision, fulfilling our mission, and living our professional values.

Diversity Statement

University Library is dedicated to recognizing and addressing bias and structural inequalities, working towards equity of access to information for all individuals, and valuing the diversity of human experience. 

Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge the history of the land on which University Library and IUPUI currently inhabit in order to preserve the dignity of the groups who inhabited it before us. 

Open Values Statement

We have an extraordinary commitment to making information open for all people. This includes open culture, open licensing, open knowledge, open data, open educational resources, and open access.

Research Agenda

The library is involved in research in addition to the services and resources we provide to patrons. Our Research Agenda lists our research priorities and outlines the kinds of research that we do.