Name Title Team Phone
Ameen, Mahasin Teaching and Learning Librarian Educational Services (317) 278-3195
Añino, Alicia Administrative Assistant Business Affairs Team (317) 274-9833
Baich, Tina Senior Associate Dean for Scholarly Communication and Content Strategies  Senior Leadership (317) 274-0470
Bates, Bruce Computer Systems/Serials Senior Associate Operations, RAD (317) 274-0479
Brys, Lucy Open Knowledge Specialist Digital Scholarship (317) 274-4665
Calvert, Lisa Digital Scholarship Collections Specialist Digital Scholarship (317) 278-2060
Canganelli, Jan Bibliographic and Metadata Technician RAD (317) 274-0552
Clifton-Rogers, Stacey Technology Services Specialist Client Support (317) 274-4669
Coates, Heather Digital Scholarship and Data Management Librarian  Digital Scholarship (317) 278-7125
Cockrum, Cheryl Principle Account Coordinator RAD (317) 274-8338
Cooper, John Access Services Department Supervisor/Building Emergency Coordinator Access Services (317) 274-0471
Cooper, Mindy Reference Coordinator Access Services (317) 274-0483
Davis, Deedee Digital Scholarship Services Specialist Herron Art Library (317) 278-9439
Dunaway, Raymond Lead Technology Analyst Operations (317) 278-1774
Durbin, John Electronic Resources and Subscriptions Associate RAD (317) 278-1376
Durbin, Teodora Resource Sharing Borrowing Associate RSDS (317) 274-5635
Earle, Katrina Resource Description Specialist RAD (317) 278-2228
El, Jeanette Senior Circulation Supervisor Access Services (317) 274-1796
Gonzalez, Edward Science Librarian Educational Services (317) 274-4907
Halverson, Randall Engineering, Technology, and Science Librarian Educational Services (317) 274-3668
Hinrichs, Rachel Health Sciences Librarian Educational Services (317) 274-0488
Hinsman, Matt Circulation Assistant, Access Services Team Access Services (317) 278-8643
Jackson, Renee Director of Information Services Client Support (317) 274-2944
Jacobsen, Anna Liss Health Sciences Librarian Educational Services (317) 278-3525
James, Jennifer Acquisitions Senior Associate RAD (317) 278-2326
Johnson, Jenny Head of Digital Digitization Service/Innovative Technologies Outreach Librarian  Digitization Services (317) 278-6709
Johnson, Nikki Social Sciences Librarian Educational Services (317) 274-0171
Lane, Stephen Reference and Outreach Archivist Special Collections (317) 274-8555
Lehman, Sonja Director of Herron Art Library Herron Art Library (317) 278-9417
Lewen, Dustin Library Services Associate RAD (317) 274-0478
Lowe, Sara Associate Dean for Educational Services Senior Leadership (317) 274-0349
Loyd, Meg Archives Specialist Special Collections (317) 274-0170
MacIsaac, Olivia Research Information Management Librarian Digital Scholarship 317-274-8061
Macy, Katharine Business & Economics Librarian / Collection Assessment Librarian Educational Services (317) 274-3532
Maixner, Gary User Experience and Project Management Librarian  User Experience (317) 274-8336
Marshall, Joycelynn HR Coordinator Business Affairs Team (317) 274-0463
Middlebrooks, DeNita Client Support Multimedia Manager  Client Support (317) 278-7851
Miller, Willie Associate Dean for Communication and Technology Senior Leadership (317) 274-7365
Mobley, Greg Archives Specialist  Special Collections (317) 278-3262
Mock, Rebecca Resource Sharing Lending Associate RSDS (317) 278-2595
Moffett, Paul Head of Access Services Access Services (317) 278-0231
Mullins, Matthew Mac Services Technology Manager Client Support (317) 278-3756
Myers, Becki Access Services Communications and Outreach Coordinator Access Services (317) 278-9434
Myers, Heather Resource Sharing and Discovery Services Librarian RSDS (317) 274-0148
Odell, Jere Scholarly Communications Librarian Digital Scholarship (317) 274-5992
Oppold, Jim Technology Analyst Operations (317) 278-2577
Orme, Bill Education and Social Sciences Librarian Educational Services (317) 274-0485
Orr, Kindra Assistant Dean for Administration and Organizational Development Senior Leadership (317) 278-2338
Palmer, Kristi Herbert Simon Family Dean of IUPUI University Library Senior Leadership (317) 274-8230
Petsche, Kevin Head of Resource Acquisition and Description RAD (317) 278-2330
Piper, Gemmicka Humanities Librarian Educational Services (317) 274-0978
Polley, Ted Director of the Center for Digital Scholarship/Digital Publishing Librarian  Digital Scholarship (317) 274-8552
Polzin, Thomas Circulation Assistant Access Services (317) 278-2315
Proctor, Anna Digitization Manager Digital Scholarship, Digitization Services (317) 278-8492
Radican, Matt Building Coordinator Business Affairs Team (317) 278-2301
Rayman, Denise Digital Archivist Special Collections (317) 278-3261
Schulte, Richard Circulation Assistant Access Services (317) 274-0641
Scott, Tanika Director of Development External Relations (317) 278-2322
Smith, Andy Director of Information Technology Operations (317) 274-0482
Smitherman, Will Client Support Services Manager Client Support (317) 274-6055
Snajdr, Eric Science Librarian Educational Services (317) 278-2778
Sutherland, Becky Business Manager and Fiscal Officer Business Affairs Team (317) 274-0461
Towne, Stephen University Archivist Special Collections (317) 278-3445
Vine, Liz Director of Student Employment as Engaged Learning Access Services (317) 278-7836
White, Angela Director of Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives/Philanthropic Studies Archivist Special Collections (317) 278-2329
Whitley, Greg Acquisitions Senior Associate RAD (317) 278-2325
Wing, Richard Systems Programmer/Analyst Operations (317) 278-1417
Wood, Mark Lead Technology Analyst Operations (317) 274-0749