On-Demand Services

To keep up with the growing needs of IUPUI students, faculty, and staff, the Library is providing On Demand acquisitions of articles, books, films, and other items. Members of the IUPUI community can initiate orders of thousands of items, which the Library will purchase and deliver as soon as possible.


Use Articles On-Demand to have the library deliver you the articles you need, even if we don't have a subscription.


With Books on Demand, books included in a school or department’s profile are added to IUCAT. The library will buy a book whenever a student, faculty, or staff member wants to use it.


IUPUI University Library has a streaming film collection of more than 70,000 titles.

Purchase Requests

The Library can help you get access to other formats of materials.

On-Demand FAQ

If you have any questions related to our On-Demand services, see our FAQ.