Chris Gonzalez GLBT Archive Collection

In partnership with the Chris Gonzalez Library & Archives, Indy Pride, and with support from the IUPUI University Library Faculty Digitization Grant, this digital collection provides a unique glimpse into the early, organized GLBT community in a mid-sized, Midwestern city. Presently the collection includes digital versions of, The Screamer from 1966-67 and The Works, later renamed, The New Works News, “Indiana’s gay news magazine for gay men and women,” from 1982-1989.

From the collection's IUPUI Faculty Sponsor:

“Digitizing this collection and making it available to both students and faculty at IUPUI would not only assist those in the pursuit of GLBT studies but encourage those students and faculty who would like to incorporate GLBT issues and/or topics into their assignments and courses. This particular initiative is currently being promoted by the GLBT Faculty Staff Council. Digitizing the collection would facilitate this process by improvingaccess to the collection and making it an extension of IUPUI’s library holdings thereby offering our students/faculty a greater array of GLBT resources in which to accomplish these pedagogical goals.

Finally, there is the service to the larger Indiana community. Unlike coastal areas such as New York and Los Angeles many GLBT youth and adults may find few if any outlets for information about the GLBT experience, especially one that focuses specifically on their lives as GLBT Hoosiers. This becomes even more vital in rural areas of Indiana that are farther away from Indianapolis or large cities. Digitizing and making this collection available to the general public would serve to not only educate the populace about issues facing the GLBT community but provide GLBT youth and adults with perhaps their only source of information and resources about the GLBT community in Indiana. “

A note on collection content. This collection contains material about adult sexuality. This includes images and descriptions of nudity, sexual acts, and other material of a sexually explicit nature that may not be appropriate for some users.

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