Indiana Code

The Indiana Code contains the codified statutes of Indiana. This project aims to digitize all extant volumes of the Indiana Code for open access use. It is a joint effort of Indiana University’s two law libraries--the Ruth Lilly Law Library of the Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis, where the project began, and the Jerome Hall Law Library of the Michael S. Maurer School of Law in Bloomington—along with IUI’s Center for Digital Scholarship. The project’s current focus is on digitizing all titles (Title 1 through Title 36) from 1971 to present. The collection will continue to grow as more material is scanned and added.
NOTICE: The materials contained in this collection are for historical research purposes only and do not necessarily reflect current law. For the most recent statutes, consult the website of the Indiana General Assembly:
The titles comprising the Indiana Code since 1971 are:
Title 1. General Provisions
Title 2. General Assembly
Title 3. Elections
Title 4. State Offices and Administration
Title 5. State and Local Administration
Title 6. Taxation
Title 7. Alcoholic Beverages [Repealed beginning in 1969; repeal completed in 1973]
Title 7.1. Alcohol and Tobacco
Title 8. Utilities and Transportation
Title 9. Motor Vehicles
Title 10. Public Safety
Title 11. Corrections
Title 12. Human Services
Title 13. Environment
Title 14. Natural and Cultural Resources
Title 15. Agriculture and Animals
Title 16. Health
Title 17. County and Township Government
Title 18. City and Town Government
Title 19. Local Government Services
Title 20. Education
Title 21. Higher Education
Title 22. Labor and Safety
Title 23. Business and Other Associations
Title 24. Trade Regulation
Title 25. Professions and Occupations
Title 26. Commercial Law
Title 27. Insurance
Title 28. Financial Institutions
Title 29. Probate
Title 30. Trusts and Fiduciaries
Title 31. Family Law and Juvenile Law
Title 32. Property
Title 33. Courts and Court Officers
Title 34. Civil Law and Procedure
Title 35. Criminal Law and Procedure
Title 36. Local Government

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