October Caption Contest

All are encouraged to enter captions to a photo in the Archives. The contest winner (as chosen by those sagacious heads at Caption Contest Central) will receive a Fabulous Prize.

In the Hitchcock thriller North By Northwest (1959), Cary Grant’s character, Roger Thornhill, wears a hat only in one scene: when he’s in disguise as a Red Cap porter in Union Station in Chicago. Ponder that. It’s revolutionary. Simply put, back then women and men always wore hats. Did Grant start a trend of not wearing a topper or was he reflecting a change in culture?

Then ponder this month’s Photo Caption Contest photo, which dates from 1955. Two women wearing hats are visiting the School of Dentistry. Of course, the man is indoors in the presence of women. Therefore, according to the customs of the day, he doffs his headgear.

Pardon our digression. We call on you, behatted or not, to put captions to this photo. What’s going on? Who says what? It’s your call! Enter your captions now!


Members of Delta Theta Tau visit School of Dentistry


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