Why can't I access Library Resources on the VPN?

The VPN is not for accessing library resources, because most library resources are not hosted on IU servers. If the library resource is linked to a vendor-hosted website, logging into the VPN will not authenticate you to that website as belonging to IUPUI - the vendor website is looking for a campus IP address or the IP address of our proxy server.

June Caption Contest

Enter your captions to a vintage photo from University Library Special Collections and Archives!

IUPUI ScholarWorks’ 30,000th Item: An Interview with Jeremy Price

On March 13, 2023, IUPUI ScholarWorks made available item number 30,000. IUPUI ScholarWorks was launched in late 2003 by the IUPUI libraries as a tool to support the open access sharing of works authored by campus scholars. It grew slowly at first, but with a little bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of collaboration with faculty and organizations, it is now one of the largest institutional repositories in Indiana.

IP address blocked by eJournal platforms - Zotero feedback loop

Several eJournal publishers on the Atypon platform are reporting blocking IP addresses of individual users after noting a feedback loop inadvertently created by users who have the the Zotero browse extension installed and configured with IUPUI's EZproxy information for off campus access.

This affects, among others, publisher platforms for Wiley Online Library, Taylor & Francis Online, and Annual Reviews. The complete list of Atypon clients is available online: Click here for full list.